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Wednesday, 21 March


Can Food-Focused Medicine Cure Food-Related Disease? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

March 21, 2018
Organic Consumers Association
Julie Wilson

So-called modern food, produced through industrialized, chemical-intensive farming practices, is causing a host of chronic, hard-to-diagnose and hard-to-treat health problems in children and adults, say Michelle Perro, MD and Vincanne Adams, PhD, authors of Whats Making Our Children Sick? 

The book explores the impact chronic exposure to toxins in our foodpesticides, hormones and antibioticsis having on children, many of whom suffer from myriad health problems that are often linked to an impaired gut and overtaxed immune system.

The book also explores the power of ecomedicinemedicine that focuses on clean, healthy food.

Children who primarily depend on a Western diet, consisting of pro...


Ajitsuke Tamago (Ramen Eggs) "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Ajitsuke Tamago (Ramen Eggs)
An important component of a good bowl of ramen is the ramen egg, aka ajitsuke tamago, which is a marinated boiled egg. The eggs are boiled until somewhere between a soft boil and a hard boil where the whites are set and the yolks are partially set, custard like, rather than runny or hard. To get this amazing custard like textured yolk you boil the eggs for 6-7 minutes and then plunge them into a cold water bath to stop the cooking process. The eggs are peeled after cooling and then they are marinated in a salty and sweet mixture of soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar until they have absorbed the flavour and turned a light to dark brown colour. Once ready these ajitsuke tamago are perfect in a steaming bowl of ramen or for breakfast, lunch, a snack, in a salad, etc. Given how easy it is to make these eggs, you'll want to have a few on hand in the fridge all the time!

Read the recipe


A Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist "IndyWatch Feed Food"

As the earth awakens from its long winter nap, so do our homes. Its a great time to clean out clutter and clean out the dust that gathered from a long season spent inside. Get the home ready to wake up with this simple cleaning checklist. Simple Cleaning Supplies Whether you do a supremely deep []

The post A Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist appeared first on Homespun Seasonal Living.


Soak Chia Seeds to Supercharge Your Metabolism "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Soaked chia seeds provide a multitude of health benefits, including supercharging your metabolism, says Geary Andrew.

Good things come in small packages the same is true of chia seeds which are extremely good and power packed with nutrients and minerals. Chia seeds have gained in popularity in recent years due to the many health benefits that can be gained by eating them on a regular basis. These seeds can easily be incorporated into your diet by doing things like mixing them into your yogurt at breakfast, adding them to a post-workout smoothie. Read more

Tuesday, 20 March


Antidepressants Ruin Natural Serotonin So You Can Never Be Happy Again "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The use of antidepressants has skyrocketed in recent years, despite a growing consensus that these drugs are dangerous and often ineffective in treating the conditions for which they are prescribed. Health experts in the US and the UK are concerned about the high rate of antidepressant use in both countries, and have warned that the trend could


What do you get out of the deal? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

March 19, 2018
Organic Consumers Association
Ronnie Cummins

Water sustains all. - Thales of Miletus (c. 624 - 546 B.C.), philosopher, mathematician, astronomer

Water. Without it, there would be no food.

Yet food productionthat is, todays industrial food production systemis degrading this essential natural resource faster than any other industry, depriving you of your right to clean water.



Prep of the Week: Prepare for the Worst-Case with Top Tier Gear "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Its a cold, hard fact that we live in uncertain times and things dont seem to be getting any better. For years I have urged you all to get preparations together for short and long-term situations, and all the while we continue sliding down the slippery slope of disaster.

Something Isnt Right

We need only to look at the evening news to know that something isnt right. Each night it seems we hear about another mass shooting, the latest riot, information censorship, and threats of impending war. I would be lying to you if I said I felt safe. But I will repeat what Ive always told you, we must keep going and we must get prepared for whatever corner we turn. And if this is what our current state is, we must prepare accordingly.

Prep of the Week: 10% Off Your Top Tier Gear Order

The folks at Top Tier Gear believe in preparing for the absolute worst-case scenarios and have been stocking items to get preppers ready for nuclear and biological threats, active shooters, and off-grid scenarios.

Ed Thomas, owner of Top Tier Gear said over the last several months, they have seen a drastic increase in tactical body armor sales due to the mass casualties occurring.

People are realizing that sometimes a gun may not be enough so they want to add force multipliers to their preps to give them an advantage in an emergency.

Their products are either assembled and manufacured in the great U.S. of A and are the best quality around.

Get 10% your order for the rest of March and use the coupon code: READYNUTRITION

With all the unpredictability going on in public places, these items would come in handy and save lives!

The Prepper's Blueprint

Tess Pennington is the author of The Preppers Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help...


Important Lifehacks to Improve your Health at Work "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Everyone has experienced coming home from work exhausted. Then again, was there ever any work that doesnt leave you broken at the end of each day? Being stressed out of our minds and dead tired is a normal part of working a nine hour job. After all, we need to show some skills to pay


Common Disc problems and Symptoms that you Should be Aware of "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The vertebral column is the most sensitive area of the human body and even minor misalignments or displacements in the region can lead to huge problems that manifest with a number of symptoms. As a lot of the spinal issues originate from the discs that lie in between two adjacent vertebrae and act as cushions,


How to Successfully Negotiate the Cost of Your Gym Membership "IndyWatch Feed Food"

First time gym goers often make the mistake of just agreeing to whatever basic price that an employee quotes for them. The reality is that memberships at gyms are highly negotiable. All you need to get these great prices is a bit of knowledge and some improved negotiation skills. Use these tips to get the


5 Fundamental Rules for Gaining Muscle and Strength "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Rule #1 Make a commitment to your body Its very easy to get started with weight training. Its also very easy to quit just after a few sessions. Some people might get bored, others might get discouraged with the lack of results, but all of them are missing a critical component of the training,

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