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Thursday, 29 March


A French Supper: Pernod Classic Saffron Bouillabaisse, Fennel Soup, & Flourless Chocolate Cake "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Pernod Bouillabaisse recipe fresh seafood Photo by Beth Kirby Local Milk Blog

Today Im cooking with one of my favorite spirits, Pernod Classic. Ive had a bottle in my cupboard for as long as I can remember, and it usually found its way into brothy concoctions of herbs, butter, and shellfish. I splash it in soups, whip it into my aioli, and sometimes even my whip cream.

So, when they reached out and asked me to develop some recipes, I was very excited to partner with them. This menu is the result: a creamy fennel & anise scented soup; a saffron, Pernod Classic, and orange infused Bouillabaisse with garlicky saffron aioli (crusty bread required); and a decadent chocolate flourless cake with a Pernod Classic infused whipped cream.

If you arent familiar Pernod Classic is a versatile anise & fennel scented liqueur with hints of chamomile & honey that works in both cooking and cocktailing. Its made in France and conjures up images of both Moulin Rouge era bohemians drinking on Haussmannian rooftops, old men sipping it with a splash of water during the Provence summer surrounded by fields of lavender, and large pots of bouillabaisse simmering in the port town of Marseilles.

Its a novel in a bottle, and if a cook is only as good as their ingredients (spoiler alert: they are), then this can take your recipes from ordinary to elegant, from everyday to transformative. I think one of the biggest guiding principles in how I develop and think about recipes is: do these flavors tell a story? Do they whisk me away? Is there something unexpected I can take away from eating this? And, of course, is it delicious?

For a recipe to make it, it has to tick all those boxes. And these do. Mix up a cocktail with Pernod Classic (or enjoy it simply on ice with a splash of water), and you have an elegant evening at home from plate to pour that will whisk you away to France with each bite.

I recommend taking care to source the absolute best seafood you can find for your Bouillabaisseit doesnt matter so much what seafood mix you use, but more that its high quality. Firm white fish, crustaceans, and mollusks all do very well in it. For the soup, make sure its very well blended, and for a more refined texture you can even strain it by pushing it through a fine sieve with the back of a ladle. Lastly, make sure you only lightly whip the cream for the dessert, it should be soft, not stiff.

Flourless Chocolate Pernod Classic Cake (serves 8-10)

10 tablespoons plus 1 Tablespoon unsalted butter, room temp, divided
2/3 cup...


Parsnip Chips "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Does this happen to you? You find some pre-made snack at the grocery store and think, I could totally make that. I really should try. Why would I pay $5 for that when I could make it for $0.50? But, you dont; make it that is.

Well, it happens to me too, dont feel bad. This time around, I found some parsnip chips at Trader Joes with only three ingredients: parsnips, safflower/canola oil, sea salt. Im not a huge fan of the oil or the fact that the parsnips were not organic, but I really felt compelled to try them. They were amazing. The next time I went to TJs, I almost bought another bag, but instead grabbed a few parsnips to make my own. (If youve never worked with a mandoline or have frequent accidents with sharp things, you might want to grab a pair of cutting gloves too.) These chips are amazing and loved by all.



  • Mandoline 
  • Cutting gloves (optional) 
  • 2 cookie sheets
  • Parchment paper


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Using 1/4 blade, slice parsnips.
  3. Toss parsnips with 2 TB coconut oil and 1 tsp sea salt.
  4. Spread chips on parchment-lined cookie sheets.
  5. Bake for 35 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes and removing browned chips at each interval.

The post Parsnip Chips appeared first on The Weston A. Price Foundation.


Boycott Factory Farm Foods: But Don't Forget the Fish "IndyWatch Feed Food"

March 28, 2018
Organic Consumers Association
Ronnie Cummins


saltwater salmon farm in Chile

Photo Credit: Kevin Schafer/ WWF-US

Factory farming and fish production are now a multi-trillion-dollar monster with a growing and devastating impact on public health, animal welfare, small farmers and farmworkers, rur...


Useful Tips Bodybuilders Use To Prepare Themselves "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Most bodybuilders use different methods and strategies to prepare themselves for competitions. There are even famous and award winning bodybuilders who recommend for the use of steroids such as Tren steroid alternatives, since they help in mass gaining and have no side effects. However, despite the use of steroids, there are other useful tips that


Why Fixing Food Deserts is About More Than Building Grocery Stores "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has defined food deserts as parts of the country where it s hard to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, and other whole foods. To be considered a food desert, at least 500 people or ... Read More


Diabetes Recommendations For Nutritional Intervention "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Nutrition intervention plays an important role in dealing with diabetes and in helping to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Although the two types of diabetes differ from each other, they both involve issues with the way insulin is produced, or used, in the body. Nutrition can have a positive and negative impact


Top Ways to Help You Feel Better on the Inside and Out "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Living a healthy lifestyle cant be maintained with fad diets and convenience foods. Its a mindset that can sometimes take years to master. If youre also looking to change your habits the path is not a straightforward journey either. It can be tough if you feel like youre giving up those little treats but you

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Wednesday, 28 March


80 Easter Recipes "IndyWatch Feed Food"

80 Easter Recipes

Easter is next weekend and that means that it is time to start thinking about your menu! The Easter long weekend provides plenty of opportunities for feasting whether it be a special long weekend breakfast or brunch or appetizers for an Easter get-together and the big family Easter Sunday dinner. Most of the focus on Easter weekend will go to the Easter Sunday dinner which will most likely be a big meal with the centre piece likely being a roast and it can be a ham, a turkey, beef or even lamb! Of course you will need some tasty sides to go with your main and lets not forget about dessert! Although I really enjoy a nice big roast for Easter dinner I sometimes like to change things up a bit and salmon or lamb tagine is a great way to go. With the extra time on the long weekend I like to do at least one special breakfast or brunch and there are plenty of great ways to go! No matter what your plans are for your Easter weekend dining, you cannot go wrong with one or more of these tasty dishes!
Read the recipe


Lemony Lentil Soup "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Lemony Lentil Soup
With Spring officially here I have been thinking lighter meals and this lemony lentil soup is a great way to do light, healthy and hearty all in one! The idea behind this soup is lentils and quinoa along with vegetables in a bright lemon broth with spices. Onions, carrot and celery start the soup off with garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander and turmeric rounding out the aromatics and flavours. Broth, lentils and quinoa are added and everything is simmered until they are tender and the soup is finished with a hit of lemon-y freshness along with salt, pepper and cayenne and some fresh cilantro. It's really that simple! And oh so good! This lemony lentil soup is an amazing meal all by itself and it's also a great appetizer or starter.

Read the recipe


The Vaccine Industrys Biggest Worry? Wild Oregano Oil and the Diseases It Can Cure "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The vaccine industry is worried sick, so to speak, about a natural remedy that makes their products unnecessary. 

Heres why vaccines are unnecessary: They are merely given purportedly to immunize against or shall it be said prevent certain diseases, most of which are rarely fatal in first world countries. These are mostly transitory viral conditions. There are safer, less invasive answers.

Wild oregano oil (p73) is the key alternative. If it is from a truly wild source, then, it can be taken aggressively: as much as needed. Yet, for the typically immunized conditions only a modest amount is necessary, for instance, for chicken pox, measles, and mumps: like a few drops several times daily.

Wild oregano oil can also be rubbed topically on the feet, shins, and upper chest. It can even be used topically on newborns and infants. Babies and toddlers can take a tiny amount internally, like a drop or two twice daily. In this regard it is far safer than all standard drugs, like antibiotics, cough syrups, and even infant vitamins. Dr Cass Ingram Researcher, Speaker & Author of 34 books Read more


How Medicinal Mushrooms Can Improve Your Health "IndyWatch Feed Food"

For those of you who may be wondering, I can state this article is completely objective.  As far as mushrooms are concerned in the diet?  I hate em.  I hate the very sight of them regarding cooking and as an accouterment to meals.  That being said, I still actively gather them when possible and have plenty of supplements with them.  I value them from a natural medicine perspective and admit to their having nutritional value, although I hate the taste of them.

Whats so great about mushrooms?

Mushrooms contain fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals, especially B-vitamins and the mineral selenium.  They are extremely low in fat.  Three ounces of mushrooms (White Mushrooms, readily available in grocery stores) contain about 3 grams of protein.  Unlike other foods that lose the nutrients in the cooking process, mushrooms actually release their nutrients when they are cooked.  They are also good for supplying Vitamin D and have been shown to increase HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins, aka the good cholesterol), as well as lower Triglycerides in the bloodstream, thereby making them helpful for the heart and circulatory system.

Health Boosting Medicinal Mushrooms You Need for Natural Medical Supplies

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom

There are many beneficial chemicals contained in many mushroom species, such as antioxidants, that fight free radicals, and oxidation (processes of aging and cellular deterioration).  They also contain polysaccharides and phenols, and these help to reduce inflammation and stress.  Lentinan and beta-glucans are chemicals that help with chemotherapy and side-effects associated with it, such as nausea and vomiting.  Beta-glucans themselves are cancer-fighters and are found in such types as Shiitake, a popular mushroom found in grocery stores.  Shiitake mushroom extracts have been found to help combat bacteria and viruses, and the extract, as well as the dried mushroom, can improve the immune system by strengthening it. We found this tincture recipe from Moutain Rose Herbs to guide you through making your own.

Make a Mushroom Double...


Watch Out For These 83 Weaselly, Quacktacular, Words "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A few days ago I asked on Twitter for people's red flags of quackery words - words that if seen might suggest a less than evidence based approach.

I've compiled the ones I've received so far, and while of course there will be plenty of times where these words are used credibly, I'd venture that the more of these words you see on any particular website, the less likely that site's information is worthy of attention or action (unless of course the article is about quackery).

(the list is in no particular order, and if you think I've missed any, please share with me on Facebook or Twitter)
  • Bulletproof
  • Detox
  • Cleanse
  • Optimize
  • Magnetic
  • Toxin
  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Instant
  • Simple
  • Trick
  • Hack
  • Biohack
  • Secret
  • Holistic
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Guaranteed
  • Boost
  • Supercharge
  • Block
  • Burn
  • Alkaline
  • Acidic
  • IV
  • Ozone
  • Miracle
  • Amazing
  • Energy
  • Aura
  • Ionic
  • Ionized
  • Crystals
  • Magic
  • Cure
  • Super
  • Proven
  • Purest
  • Safest
  • Breakthrough
  • Ancient
  • Ancestral
  • Evolutionary
  • Revolutionary
  • Pioneering
  • Chemicals
  • Integrative
  • Functional
  • Quantum
  • Candida
  • Dysbiosis
  • Leaky
  • Lectin
  • Chelation
  • 100%
  • Antioxidant
  • ...


Ideas for Homegrown Mint "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Mint is a productive, almost invasive plant in the home herb garden. That productivity is an amazing boon for folks that enjoy mint and the folks that love to give homemade & homegrown gifts to them. Gather large bunches and make these easy homegrown mint gifts now to give later. Mint Infused Honey One of []

The post Ideas for Homegrown Mint appeared first on Homespun Seasonal Living.


Early Adopter of Shipping Container Farming Opts to Build His Own "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Theres something romantic about an upcycled shipping container being transformed into a sustainable indoor growing operation. It takes would-be garbage from rotting in a port and turns it into a farm system that has the potential to lengthen growing seasons, ... Read More

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Tuesday, 27 March


Dont Worry About Obesity, Go Diet Free: Tips to Taste Yummy Street Foods "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Many people worry about their weight constantly, whether their worries are about looking unfit with their shirt off, or fitting in a special dress, or having unflattering photos taken. However, too many fret over their bodies to the point of ruining once-in-a-lifetime experiences while on vacation. The very last time anyone should be watching their


LA Green Grounds Digs in to Build Urban Farms and Strengthen Community "IndyWatch Feed Food"

In Los Angeles, CA, community members involved in the urban farming and food justice movements are keenly aware of the food insecurity that is so prevalent in its South Los Angeles neighborhoods. It was this insufficient access to ... Read More

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Monday, 26 March


Dirt: The Only Solution to the Climate Crisis? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

March 26, 2018
Organic Consumers Association

Whats one of the biggest problems with the discussion on the climate crisis? It focuses excessively on emissions, Kristin Ohlson, author of "The Soil Will Save Us" says in the trailer for the film Dirt Rich

Ohlson explains:

Unless we undertake very serious work making our soil healthier, revegetating the land, not doing things that release the carbon from the soil, theres no way we can deal with the climate crisis.

According to this new film, carbon drawdown is the only viable and timely solution to reverse the...


How Weight Loss Surgery Works, Is it Affordable? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Obesity is a health problem that affects a lot of people, especially in America. There are various ways that one can lose the extra weight and adapt to a healthy life such as exercising, eating healthy foods and so on. Well to some people, losing weight naturally can be quite a task and therefore, they


Dr. Hyman: 'Your Fork is the Most Powerful Tool to Transform Your Health and Change the World' "IndyWatch Feed Food"

March 26, 2018
Organic Consumers Association

Are you confused on whats healthy to eat? If so, Dr. Mark Hyman, who has been studying nutrition for 35 years, brings clarity to what you should be putting in your mouth and what you shouldnt in his book Food. What the Heck Should I Eat?

Organic Consumers Association has been touting for more than 20 years the importance of eating a diet that supports organic and regenerative agriculture to i...


Look Your Best with These Top Tips "IndyWatch Feed Food"

We, as a society, have a strange relationship with beauty. Trying too hard and being too fake is looked down upon, whereas not adhering to typical beauty standards will also warrant scorn. Being vain is an insult, but so too is being high-maintenance. The happy medium seems to be effortlessly beautiful, and billions are spent


The Impact of Cosmetic Dentistry on Self-Esteem "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Self-esteem is what provides the confidence for everything. This could be something like a presentation or even just a first impression. Often, appearance ranks highly when discussing what impacts self-esteem, and when you dig a bit deeper, it is a smile and the condition of your teeth that are one of the most critical factors.


Parmesan Roasted Carrot Fries "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Parmesan Roasted Carrot Fries
Easter is coming up and that has got me thinking about carrots and these parmesan roasted carrot fries are a great way to enjoy carrots! Potato 'french' fries are a staple pretty much everywhere, and with good reason, with that crispy outside and silky smooth inside, they are simply irresistible! Sweet potato fries are becoming more popular these days and carrot fries are just as good! Carrots are pretty easy to turn into fries, you just need to get some large ones, peel them and slice them into sticks before frying them! Of course you can deep fry them, and they are amazing deep fried, but you can also roast them, which keeps them a little lighter. When I roast carrot fries I like to season them with salt and pepper and hit of parmesan cheese adds a huge amount of flavour! In addition to just tasting amazing, the parmesan also melts onto the carrot fries and caramelizes getting all nice and crispy and good making the fries even crispier! Carrots are sweet so I like to serve them with a spicy dipping sauce like chipotle mayo or a gochujang ketchup and they are the perfect side for pretty much any meal, especially an Easter dinner!

Read the recipe


Legit Bread Comes To The UK! + Paleo Raisin Cinnamon Loaf Recipe "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Exciting news! Legit Bread is now available in the UK - so you can bake 100% paleo bread to your heart's content. Plus I show you how to make a beautiful Raisin Cinnamon Loaf.  This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you decide to click through and make a purchase, I might receive, at no extra cost to you, a small commission that helps me keep the blog going. Thanks for your support!  Guys, exciting news.  You can now buy Legit Bread Paleo packet mix in the UK, which means you can now enjoy paleo and primal sandwiches, toasties, panzanella, French toast and all sorts. Fully paleo and nut free, too, which means it's good for school lunches....

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


What's Wrong With This Picture? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

If Waterloo's Albert McCormack Community Centre wants people to drink fewer sugar sweetened beverages, instead of putting a sign up telling people to drink water right next to the soda they're selling, maybe they should only sell water?

Now expand that concept to schools, hospitals, and arenas, and address the food environment similarly on other levels, and then perhaps we'll start seeing some changes to consumption patterns.

Rather than just telling people what they should and shouldn't choose, we need to build a world where to make an unhealthy choice, you'd need to go out of your way to do so, rather than our current other way around version.

Does anyone out there still thing this is just about education? If education alone were sufficient, we'd all be living incredibly healthy lives.


17 Home Remedies for Dementia "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Getting older does not mean that dementia is inevitable. These seventeen surprising home remedies can help prevent  dementia in the elderly.

Some of the most effective home remedies for dementia include the use of ginseng, salvia, turmeric, ginkgo, fish oil, bananas, cinnamon extract, vitamin B12, coconut oil, club moss, berries, almonds, pumpkin, leafy greens, beans, and kale, as well as behavior changes, including breaking routine, creative stimulation, meditation, and aromatherapy. Read more


Prep of the Week: FREE Survival Seeds! "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Who has noticed a consistent increase in the cost of food each year? The most recent numbers continue to reflect an upward trend in prices. In this year alone, the United States Department of Agriculture predicts that food prices will increase between 1.0 to 2.0 percent.  While many see this as a normal inflation rate, its becoming more difficult for families to carry on their normal way of living.

Global events create volatility for food prices and our dollar is not as strong as it was in recent years (when food prices were lowered). The following list shows how the price of foods reacted to events taking place worldwide. (Source)

Food Freedom Starts in the Backyard

For years, I have placed emphasis on finding ways to be more sustainable. Rather than being a consumer, I started taking steps to become a producer and save money in the long run. I made a personal goal to start growing my own food pantry.

If you are just beginning your food pantry, ideally, you want to store long lasting shelf stable foods that your family normally consumes, as well as find foods that serve multiple purposes. Having tools on hand to dehydrate and preserve extend the shelf life exponentially. Here are 25 foods to use as a starting point. Many of the foods listed in the previous link can be grown in a garden or on your property. By taking steps to grow your own food, you can naturally begin to restock grains, fruits and vegetables, spices, canned meals, and even plant-based oils for your pantry. 

I found research that supported my claim: A well-maintained food garden yields 1/2 pound of produce per square foot per growing season, according to the National Gardening Association. So a 600-square-foot garden, the American average on which households spend $70 per year, could churn out 300 pounds of fresh produce worth about $600 annually, the association estimates.

Not only did I begin growing food for my pantry but also foods that had the highest price fluctuations, such as beef, eggs, and fresh produce.

  • I started raising chickens for eggs. We raise sex-link chickens that we have found to be prolific layers of extra large brown eggs. As well, they have a very kind and pleasant disposition....

Sunday, 25 March


Leonardo da Vinci andpermaculture? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Hi, this is Geoff.

Lets jump straight in to this weeks Friday Five

Fortunate kids: School cafeterias around the world might want to look at what this high school recently did with theirs. If youre a permaculturist with some excess produce, why not approach local schools, show them this video, and offer to source them your fresh fruits and vegetables?

Good news from India: In a recent report, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), a US-based think tank, ranked Tamil Nadu as one of the top nine markets in the world for acquiring a high percentage of net energy needs from renewable energy sources. Full report here.

Leonardo da Vinci andpermaculture? From a recent article in Quartz: whenever we have had giants like Aristotle, Galileo, and da Vinci, the contributions they made even in specialized fields may not have been made in the same way if they hadnt attacked a problem with a diverse inventory of mental knowledge and understanding. Polymaths see the world differently. They make connections that are otherwise ignored, and they have the advantage of a unique perspective. In a world increasingly dominated by machines, I have a feeling that this approach is going to become increasingly valuable. What does this have to do with permaculture? As Ive shared before, permaculture design focuses on the connection between disciplines. While it appreciates the individual disciplines themselves, it is less focused on silo-like, deep knowledge of individual systems and instead prizes an understanding across systems, i.e. the connections between the disciplines. Cultivating this...

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